Benefits of Fasting During Navratri in 2022

What are the benefits of fasting during Navratri?

Navratri is a time for us to relax, go inward, and recharge ourselves with new energy. Additionally, it is a time that is vibrant and full of rituals, songs, and dancing. During Navratri, fasting helps the inner journey towards bliss and joy. It brings forth awareness and joy and reduces mental stress.

What is the dynamic of fasting?

We fast to purify our bodies rather than to appease the Divine. Sri Gurudev Ravi Shankar

Ayurveda believes that fasting helps to restart the digestive fire. The toxins in the body are burned by an increase in the digestive fire. The body loses its dullness and slowness as the toxins are flushed out of it. The body’s cells have all experienced renewal. Therefore, fasting is a powerful therapy to cleanse our body. Because of the close relationship between the body and mind, when the body is cleansed, the mind calms and becomes more peaceful.

Fasting helps in stress relief and immunity strengthening as it rekindles the digestive fire.

Typically, most of us eat before we are genuinely hungry. Our body systems use hunger as a signal that they are ready to digest food. Eating before you are truly hungry weakens the digestive system, which then results in stress and reduced immunity. Since it rekindles the digestive fire, fasting helps to strengthen immunity and reduce stress.

Take advantage of a sattva bloom.

Fasting combined with meditation raises sattva or the quality of calm and positivity. Sattva increases make our minds more peaceful and alert. As a result, our intentions and prayers gain power. Sattva blooms make the body lighter and more energetic. We improve our efficiency. As a result, our desires manifest, and our tasks are easily completed.

Fasting is not recommended for certain body types or health conditions. As a result, it is best to consult an Ayurvedic doctor before fasting. Also, keep in mind that you should only fast as much as you are comfortable with.

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