Get Jio 5G Welcome Offer On Dussehra with 1GBPS Free Data

Reliance Jio has announced that starting on October 5 on Dusshera day, its True 5G service would be available in four Indian cities: Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, , and Varanasi. Existing Jio customers will receive an invitation of True 5G beta test. Customers who already sign up for the Jio True 5G beta trial will receive free unlimited data with 1Gbps speed.

Users who accept invitations to test the Jio 5G Welcome Offer will automatically be upgraded to the Jio True 5G service; they do not require a new SIM card to use 5G services on their 5G-capable smartphone. To allow Jio 5G on their devices, phone manufacturers and Jio have already begun working together.

Why Jio Launch 5G on Dussehra

“Dussehra symbolises the triumph over obstacles imposed by legacy technologies such as 2G, with knowledge and wisdom that Jio True 5G will actually enable,” the business stated while explaining why it chose a holiday to debut its 5G services. Reliance In addition to preparing to provide fierce competition to its rivals, Jio is preparing to entice over 5 million Indian businesses with its 5G services.

How to Get Jio Free 1GBPS Speed Unlimited Data

  • Who user’s signup for jio beta trail will automatically upgraded to 5G service without needing to change their existing Jio SIM or 5G smart handset.
  • Once a user becomes a member of Jio’s beta trial, they will be able to use 5G services with unlimited data and up-to 1 Gbps speed on this dussehra 2022
  • Jio customers will continue to use 5G services in beta testing up till the network coverage of a city is complete and every subscriber has coverage.

When other Telecom Companies Launch 5G Services in India?

Jio made the official announcement, although Airtel has not yet disclosed any beta testing of its 5G service. However, Airtel has made hints that key Indian cities would have 5G services available by Diwali. Regarding the introduction of its 5G services, Vodafone ldea has not yet made any announcements. On the other side, BSNL just revealed its ambitions to enter into 5G services by August 2023.

Jio further disclosed that their goal with 5G is to speed up India’s transition towards a Digital Society. Technology and connection will benefit humanity by improving quality of life and generating more income. The telecommunications giant continued by stating that their 5G services “would bring transformational improvements across Education, Healthcare, Agriculture, Skill Development, Small, Medium, and Large companies, Smart homes, and Gaming, etc with impacting 1.4 billion Indians.


Q 1. Jio 5G Launch Date in India

A 1. 5th October on Dussehra 2022

Q 2. How to Get Free Data in Jio 5G with Jio Welcome Offer

A 2. Users who sign up for jio beta trail will get Jio 5G Welcome Offer and it will be automatically upgraded to the Jio True 5G service & get free 5G unlimited data with 1GBPS speed.

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